Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

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    Professional equipment for kitchens and laboratories

    Ristoattrezzature offers you a complete range of products for preparing, cooking, storing and processing your raw or cooked food. Not only can openers, scales, sauce dispensers, potato peelers and various utensils, but also professional kitchen equipment such as refrigerated rubbish cans, vegetable washers and centrifuges, pacojets and blenders, salamanders for roasting and gratin baking; not forgetting kitchen tools for storing and delivering food for those establishments offering take-away service.

    What does a thermal container for home delivery look like?

    Thermal containers designed for transporting pizza or other gastronomy products are made of a robust, washable fabric with ventilation holes to reduce the formation of condensation. In addition, this equipment is equipped with padding to ensure both the maintenance of a constant temperature and the integrity of the food being transported, as well as a strap and transparent insert to hold the receipt.

    Features of a professional mixer

    All professional immersion mixers from Ristoattrezzature are easy to handle thanks to the ergonomic handle, easy to use and can be supplemented with different accessories such as whisks. This appliance is ideal for the preparation of soups, creams, velvety soups, but also for whipping creams and mixing doughs for the preparation of sweet or savoury pies. The appliances in our selection are manufactured in Italy and comply with all currently applicable CE standards.

    What is a professional kitchen cutter used for?

    The cutter is a powerful tool, for professional use, which is indispensable for chopping, mincing, grating, blending, homogenising and kneading various foods, fruit and vegetables. These tools have a stainless steel structure and are generally equipped with: transparent lid with liquid-tight gasket, professional ventilated motor with thermal protection and motor brake, blade unit with stainless steel hub and impulse start/stop switch with control unit.

    Among the products we have selected for you, within this category of our online shop, you can buy:

    • can openers
    • scales
    • refrigerated waste boxes
    • vacuum cooking
    • thermal containers for home deliveries
    • sausage cookers
    • cutter
    • cereal dispensers
    • sauce dispensers
    • oil filters
    • vegetable washers and centrifuges
    • fresh pasta machines
    • arancini machines
    • immersion mixers
    • pacojet
    • tomato masher
    • dustbins
    • potato peeler
    • warming plates
    • smoker gun
    • heated sump
    • cup cleaner
    • food processor
    • salamanders
    • fry-warmer
    • plate warmer
    • potato cutter
    • tomato cutter
    • vegetable cutter
    • turbo crusher
    • soup tureen

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