Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Butchery and delicatessen equipment

Are you looking for the best professional equipment to make your butcher's and delicatessen shop functional? At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of different items for preserving, processing and serving meat and sausages to your customers, such as slicing machines, meat mixers, hamburgers, logs, bone saw, meat mincers, drying and curing cabinets and much more.

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    On Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of professional equipment for your butcher's and delicatessen shop designed to preserve, process and serve meat and sausages to your customers, such as slicers, meat mixers, hamburgers, logs, bone saw, meat mincers, drying and curing cabinets and much more.

    In this category of our online shop you can find:

    • meat mincers
    • meat mixers
    • graters
    • logs
    • knife sterilisers
    • bone saw
    • hamburgers
    • bagging machines
    • meat tenderizers
    • cabinets for drying and curing meat and sausages

    A professional electric meat grinder will not only make your life easier in the laboratory by helping you prepare your recipes more quickly and easily, but it will also offer you another great advantage: that of being able to always have fresh and healthy ingredients at your disposal, without resorting to the addition of preservatives or additives, unlike industrial production.

    Freshly minced meat retains its organoleptic qualities, especially if a machine is used that does not overheat it. This is not just limited to fresh mince: with an electric meat grinder, you can make delicious pork sausage, chicken sausage, turkey sausage or any meat you want, as well as salami, meatballs and frankfurters using only the finest ingredients.

    What are the features of an electric meat grinder?

    On Ristoattrezzature you can find hundreds of different models that differ in price and functions. In order to find out which one is right for you, start by assessing the intended use.

    If you are looking for a product to be used occasionally and for small quantities of meat, it will be more than enough to buy a mid-range item. If, on the other hand, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen or workshop of your butcher's shop or delicatessen, then you should consider buying a medium-high-end product with high professional performance.

    Whatever budget you have set yourself, there are some features you need to consider carefully to ensure you are satisfied with your item:

    • the material of which it is made: the grinding unit is made of food-grade cast iron (the steel version can only be selected as an option in some models);
    • the power and revolutions of the propeller;
    • the presence of the reverse function.

    Cabinets for drying and seasoning meat and sausages are indispensable for butcheries and delicatessens where seasoned sausages must be sold in compliance with current hygiene and safety regulations. As is well known, the difficulty in producing good quality cured meats lies, above all, in the meticulous control of temperature and humidity inside the storage cabinets. Our cabinets are what you need, because thanks to their electronic control unit, they allow you to have automatic control of temperature, humidity and ventilation.

    Horizontal manual sausage fillers are perfect machines for the production of sausages, salami and other sausage products, as they allow rapid processing of raw materials without the meat overheating. In our online shop you can find various models of professional sa usage fillers with 18/10 stainless steel frame and loading tube, or models with a red powder coated steel frame and stainless steel tube, with a maximum capacity of 12 litres.

    The bone saw machine is a professional butcher's machine that allows you to slice slices of meat while still frozen, cut hams and shred bones that are often very difficult to break. Our electric bone saws allow you to perform any operation safely and with great ease and precision. Moreover, thanks to the compact design and rubber feet, the machine can be placed on any surface and, thanks to the practical knob, you can easily adjust the cutting thickness from 3 to 180 mm.

    How to organise a butcher's counter?

    A butcher's counter normally contains the entire range of fresh meat available (types, cuts, different preparations). The butcher will use thecold meat counter as a working tool, in the same way as the butcher's cutlery, the cold rooms and the preparation laboratory; therefore, its role in the space to be set up can by no means be secondary.

    Currently, there are different types of refrigerated meat counter: static (without air movement), semi-static (with limited air currents) and ventilated (with forced air circulation that ensures homogeneous climatic conditions at every point of the display unit). The glass panes of the displays are generally semi-curved and the lamps are spaced away from the meat so that they are not damaged by heat.

    All products should be arranged in special trays, in order to best show off the various cuts and to ensure proper hygiene. It must be remembered that a good display depends on a combination of factors, among which the assortment of products, the order of the anatomical cuts, the right contrast between the various colours in the "ready-to-cook" sector, and the ability to keep the cuts fresh are fundamental.

    To complete the display, price tags, traceability, description, ingredients and expiry date are indispensable.

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