Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Bar Equipment

Looking for the best professional equipment for your café? At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of different items needed to serve hot coffee, ice cream and slushies such as coffee machines, slushies and ice cream machines. And again, fruit juices and alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails thanks to our powerful blenders and beverage dispensers and sandwiches or stuffed baked goods well heated by professional to asters and induction plates.

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    At Ristoattrezzature you will find the best professional equipment to make your bar the ideal environment to welcome customers and satisfy all their needs!

    If you want to serve excellent fresh smoothies, natural fruit juices, cocktails or sorbets in your bar, all you have to do is buy our bar equipment ideal for making drinks and shakes. Blenders, drink stations, coffee machines, hot/cold drink dispensers and creamer machines will be your best allies in satisfying your customers' tastes.

    Bar equipment, what to buy

    Not only that, but you can also satisfy the palates of all sweet snack lovers by using crepe makers, waffle machines and yoghurt makers to serve healthy protein pancakes.

    Among other barman and bartender equipment essential for opening your new bar, we have selected

    • centrifuges
    • crepe makers
    • drink stations
    • hot drink dispensers
    • cold drink dispensers
    • hot cream dispensers
    • driers
    • chocolate fountains
    • blenders
    • milkshake blender
    • cookie turners
    • slushers
    • multiple groups
    • coffee machine
    • American coffee machine
    • cone and waffle maker
    • soft ice cream machine
    • candyfloss machines
    • popcorn machine
    • coffee grinder
    • induction plate
    • waffle makers
    • cup and glass coolers
    • milk warmers
    • ice breaker
    • juicers
    • coffee thermos
    • toasters
    • ice crushers

    Coffee: how to enhance it with the best professional bar equipment

    Coffee is one of the 'sacred' moments of the day for taking a break or having a great breakfast and, therefore, buying the best professional equipment for bars on the market, capable of bringing customers back to your bar when they need to unplug, is a must. If you are going to buy a quality coffee machine, there are some elements that you absolutely must take into consideration.

    The beverage preparation process is the same for all coffee machines: professional, capsule, automatic, manual or mocha. First of all, the water is heated by the device to about 90 degrees and, after exerting pressure (upwards or downwards), passed through a layer of ground coffee, which transfers the typical flavour, colour and properties into the cup. The process - in coffee shops - is repeated hundreds of times a day; for this very reason, professional coffee machines must be functional, practical but qualitatively well thought-out in detail.

    What are waffles and with what equipment can I make them?

    Waffles, also known as gaufre, are sweet wafers, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside, baked on the typical waffle iron that gives them their classic honeycomb structure. They are delicious, neutral-tasting cakes made of eggs, milk and flour, typical of Northern European cuisine, decorated as desired with fresh fruit, honey, jam, spreads, cream, chocolate and sprinkles. A truly unique delicacy, which, in terms of consistency and preparation, belongs to the family of pancakes and crepes.

    What is soft ice cream and how can I produce it in my café?

    Soft ice cream, widely consumed abroad, is a different product from the traditional/homemade ice creams produced in Italy: it comes out ready to eat, from a specific professional machine. Since it is ejected and served directly on the cone or in a cup, at a higher temperature (-4°/-6° C) than homemade and industrial ice cream (-13°/-18° C) it is softer, creamier and less cold. Compared to ordinary ice cream it is richer in fat and contains less sugar, so its air content is 50% higher.

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