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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Professional Sandwich Plates

Are you looking for professional hotplates for consistently fragrant and crispy sandwiches? At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of different proposals of the highest quality. Smooth or ribbed, cast iron or glass ceramic, they will be perfect for your restaurant!

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    Hotplates for sandwiches, but also for buns, toast, meat and vegetables are professional equipment for browning food, indispensable for your sandwich shop or food truck. At Ristoattrezzature you will find dozens of proposals:

    • cast iron sandwich plates, smooth and ribbed, to diversify the preparation of food to be served, equipped with a removable drawer for collecting food residues;
    • glass-ceramic sandwich plates, smooth and ribbed, perfect for quick catering;
    • sandwich plates with oven function, for cooking as on a griddle or as on a ventilated oven by simply adjusting the position of the control handle.

    All griddles, single or double, have a structure made of 100% stainless steel, a material that is extremely resistant to water, water vapour, humidity, food acids and weak organic and inorganic acids, which is why it has numerous applications in the food industry.

    Cast iron sandwich plate or glass ceramic sandwich plate, which one to choose?

    The choice of the most suitable professional sandwich plate for your establishment depends very much on how you decide to use it.

    The cast iron sandwich and toast grid dle is the cheapest choice and has a different aesthetic effect on the sandwich than the professional glass ceramic sandwich griddle, as it creates lines in the surface of the products. This equipment is able to maintain the temperature for longer, and is strongly recommended for all sandwich shops that use it continuously for at least 1/2 hour per day.

    The glass-ceramic sandwich griddle, on the other hand, reaches temperature more quickly and cools down just as quickly, and is therefore more suitable for establishments that make more occasional use of it. However, cleaning and sanitising are really quick, due to the perfectly smooth surface.

    The sandwich griddle with oven function, on the other hand, is an item made of stainless steel and glass-ceramic, perfect for quick and even cooking of any type of food or main course. This counter-top oven is just what you were looking for to speed up your work and improve it considerably! Thanks to its dual function (hotplate or oven), by simply turning the position of the main handle, you will be able to achieve different cooking results and heat up sandwiches or stuffed toast, grill meat and fish, blanch vegetables or crisp up your pizza slices.

    Would you like to receive more information about professional sandwich plates for your kitchen?

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