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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Professional ovens and leavening units

At Ristoattrezzature you can buy quality professional catering equipment such as ovens and leavening machines with different features, at the best price on the market.

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    All professional catering equipment, such as ovens and leavening units, are essential items for cooking and leavening sweet or savoury Italian gastronomic products.

    Buying professional equipment for cooking food of the highest quality is the primary necessity for opening a successful pizzeria, sandwich shop, steak house, bakery or restaurant. If you want to offer your customers an extensive menu of dishes and courses, then you will not be able to do without selecting items in our online shop that allow you to achieve impeccable yet varied cooking.

    Professional ovens, in general, are indispensable equipment for baking bread, pizza, main courses, side dishes and numerous desserts. Ristoattrezzature has selected for you numerous articles that combine the efficiency of a traditional oven with the advantages of technology.

    What are the best professional ovens for bakery, pizzeria and pastry?

    Here are all the models on sale and their characteristics:

    • Coal ovens
    • Professional gas ovens
    • Professional electric ovens
    • Microwave ovens
    • Bakery ovens
    • Pizza Ovens

    Coal-fired ovens

    The professional charcoal ovens we have selected for you are perfect for steak houses, restaurants specialising in barbecued meat, tapas bars, bistro-cafés, traditional restaurants, haute cuisine restaurants, etc. These cooking appliances utilise the combustion of charcoal to achieve various levels of barbecuing. The charcoal oven generally has an easy-to-handle front door, an exhaust vent for fumes, one or more cooking grids and an ash collection drawer.

    Convection ovens

    The professional convection oven is characterised by a closed chamber in which the heat, generated by a heating element, is evenly distributed. Thermal convection occurs when hot air comes into contact with food of a lower temperature: the heat rises from the bottom to the top and the cold air makes the opposite movement, generating convective motion. Thanks to the ventilation of the air inside the heat chamber, the food will certainly be cooked more evenly.

    Professional gas ovens

    The cooking method used by professional gas ovens is convection, which forces the hot air inside the oven to circulate through fans, preventing the food from drying out thanks to the humidity inside. All professional gas ovens in our online shop are built with high quality components and materials and are equipped with a mechanical or digital control panel, temperature regulator and timer.

    At Ristoattrezzature you will find a wide selection of:

    • professional stainless steel gas ovens
    • professional gas ovens for gastronomy
    • professional gas ovens for pastry
    • professional gas ovens with steam
    • gas ovens from 4 to 11 trays
    • stainless steel gas tunnel ovens for pizzerias
    • rotary trolley ovens with leavening cell (up to 18 trays)
    • mixed convection ovens with steam (up to 20 pans)

    Professional electric ovens

    All the professional electric ovens you will find in our store use the convection cooking system. Most of them are also equipped with a humidifier, fan, grill system, steam system, water injection system and one or more baking trays: everything that allows us to have a true multifunction oven suitable for every specific need. The temperature and timer controls can be either manual or digital (also with touch control), the glass doors are designed to open horizontally or vertically, and the amount of trays that can be inserted at the same time varies according to the models chosen.

    Microwave ovens

    A professional microwave oven heats or defrosts food, saves on electricity and gas bills compared to a traditional oven and is very practical to use. At Ristoattrezzature you can find a wide range of microwave ovens of different voltages and capacities (from 20 to 60 litres), equipped with an adjustable thermostat from 100 to 250°C and the possibility of programming different cooking options. All models feature high quality standards: they have a durable construction, are efficient, reliable and, above all, have the best price on the market.

    Bakery ovens

    Electric bakery ovens allow the insertion of several baking trays (from 2 up to 10), inside one or two baking chambers with glass opening door and frontal regulation controls.

    Pizza Ovens

    Electric and Gas Pizza Ovens

    Professional gas-powered pizza ovens consume less energy and the presence of a burner allows the oven to reach temperature very quickly. If you choose to purchase a gas pizza oven, you must consider the need to connect it to an extraction hood or chimney.

    Electric pizza ovens, unlike gas ovens, have an easier installation. Many of the models on sale on Ristoattrezzature are equipped with thermostats to independently regulate the temperature of the top and the temperature of the slab: a system that allows you to totally customise the cooking of your pizza.

    Both electric pizza ovens and gas ovens can be rotating, i.e. they have single or double chamber rotating ceramic plates.

    Electric tunnel and gas tunnel pizza ovens

    The ease of use of these electric and gas tunnel pizza ovens is really an advantage to be taken into account before considering the purchase of an ordinary pizza oven: simply set the oven temperature, the speed of the steel belt and place the dough to be baked or heated on the belt to obtain a perfect pizza. At the end of the cycle, your baked product can be retrieved at the exit of the baking chamber. In addition, the footprint of this equipment is very limited, so you can place the oven in small spaces and/or overlap even more than one oven.

    Wood-fired pizza ovens

    And again, you can purchase various wood-fired pizza ovens in our shop, including:

    • wood-fired ovens with metal lining (customisable colours)
    • prefabricated wood-fired ovens with front bricks
    • wood-fired ovens with separate combustion chamber
    • wood-fired gas ovens with ecological burner
    • Wood-fired rotary ovens with separate combustion chamber
    • Wood-fired ovens with separate combustion chamber and mosaic decoration

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