Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Complete Activity Kit

Discover on Ristoattrezzature the different complete compositions, consisting of refrigerated counters, stainless steel worktops and display cabinets with LED lighting for your premises. A functional furniture and equipment kit designed and studied for every business.

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    In the complete business kits, professional business equipment, available in different sizes, is equipped with numerous components to make your business efficient and operational right from the start. Among the main items in the proposals we have designed for each premises you will find: display cabinets, refrigerated counters, cash counters and shelving to make the set-up of bars, cafés, ice cream parlours, bakeries, poultry shops and pizzerias modern, bright and impressive.

    The ready-to-use kits that you can select and see made in our gallery are:

    • Complete bar
    • Complete cafeteria
    • Complete BASIC kitchen
    • Full SUPERIOR kitchen
    • BASIC ice cream parlour
    • Complete ice cream parlour
    • Complete bakery
    • Complete sandwich shop
    • Complete pizzeria
    • Complete poultry shop

    Thefurniture characterises and gives personality to any activity dedicated to catering and must, therefore, respond to certain characteristics in terms of functionality, resistance over time and design. One must not neglect the choice of furniture that affects the environments reserved for customer reception and, at the same time, one must dedicate oneself to a careful selection of the best catering equipment on the market. Below is a list of articles, recommended for you, that are indispensable for setting up your new venue.

    Refrigerated bar counters

    All of Ristoattrezzature's refrigerated bar counters are made of durable, high quality materials, such asAISI 304 stainless steel, also known as 18/10 steel. The professional bar equipment, available in different sizes, is equipped with numerous accessories for the preparation and storage of food and drinks. The design of the front LED lighting and the functionality of the elements in no way neglects the full compliance with current safety regulations. In our online shop, you can find the best refrigerated bar counters, in stainless steel and Corian, to furnish any type of establishment.

    Counters and showcases for bakeries and bakeries

    The counters for bread and bakery products (also ultra panoramic) are specifically designed for premises that want to enhance the display of their gastronomic products. These equipment, available in various sizes, are composed of modular and customisable modules in Corian and white Plexiglas. The display cabinets, placed above the base, have shelves with holes to collect crumbs and facilitate sanitising the surfaces visible to the public. Bakery counters are a true modern design element necessary to furnish your business tastefully, without neglecting the functional aspect of the accessories.

    Coffee machine stand

    One of the best solutions for professionally storing bar equipment is to buy a coffee machine base unit! These units have modular structures necessary for storing the barman's various utensils: made of 100% stainless steel, they are equipped with all the essential accessories useful in the kitchen such as worktops, a base unit with doors for storing products or tools, a hopper for coffee grounds and a compartment for disposing of waste.

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