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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Bakery and Pastry Equipment

Are you looking for the best professional equipment to make your bakery or pastry shop functional? At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of different items for storing, displaying, kneading and serving cakes and bread to your customers, such as blast chillers, refrigerated counters, planetary and food processors, pastry display cabinets, pizza portioning machines, proving cabinets, electric and gas ovens and much more.

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    Professional pastry equipment

    If you want to set up the workshop of your new pastry shop, you will certainly need cream cookers, puff pastry machines, fryers, refrigerated counters, and professional chocolate equipment to create and display your elegant layered monoportions, mousses, pastries, pralines or spoon desserts. At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of professional pastry equipment and furnishings at the best prices on the market!

    Ristoattrezzature's professional past ry equipment is an indispensable item for preparing pastries in large quantities and of the highest quality. Pastry making is one of the most popular sectors of the culinary arts in general, because it allows you to experiment with new sweet recipes with ingredients and appealing combinations of flavours, thanks to specific and digitised cutting-edge machinery, greatly simplifying the confectioner's work in the laboratory.

    The passion that has exploded for cake design, i.e. the practice of decorating cakes using sugar paste, icing and other edible decorative elements, has allowed an alternative to the traditional proposals to be displayed in the shop window to emerge and has necessitated the use of specific professional equipment to knead and shape cakes, cupcakes, muffins, biscuits or whip up creams and fillings with a planetary mixer.

    What professional equipment do you need to open a bakery?

    Opening a pastry shop is not easy and requires you to take care of many aspects, from structural aspects, relating to the premises and equipment, to bureaucratic ones, without forgetting technique and creativity.

    The production for a bakerybusiness makes it essential to purchase and use a range of professional bakery machinery and equipment that is able to meet adequate quantity requirements. Obviously, it is not enough to have a home oven or to own utensils that are handled every day in home kitchens. You need professional mixers, ovens, fridge-freezer cabinets, blast chillers, deep fryers, dough sheeters and large worktops. Not forgetting all the equipment that accompanies the actual production, such as the cash register, refrigerated or neutral display cabinets, and even the coffee machine if bar service is also provided.

    Patisserie counters: main features

    All Ristoattrezzature's pastry coun ters are made of durable, high quality materials in different and customisable colours. These pastry display counters, which are also available in different sizes and features, are equipped with straight or curved panoramic glass panes to make the pastries contained inside clearly visible, shelves to place artisan-made cakes and biscuits for sale in the best possible way, excellent side and front finishes, electronic control panel for temperature control and static or ventilated refrigeration depending on the models selected. On our online shop, you can find the best professional pastry counters in stainless steel, Corian and wood to furnish bars and pastry shops with taste.

    How many types of refrigerated pastry display cabinets can I buy on Ristoattrezzature?

    Ristoattrezzature's professional vertical or horizontal refrigerated display cabinets for pastries and ice -creams (with triple, double or single door) are equipment with internal lighting, designed to meet the needs of pastry shops, bars, cafeterias, chocolate shops, ice-cream parlours and all those activities that need to display, enhance and serve artisanal products such as cakes, ice-creams and pastries to their customers. These static or ventilated cold display cabinets for pastries, with 1, 2 or 3 opening doors, are equipped with internal shelves, panoramic anti-condensation glass panes, a high-efficiency defrosting system and a thermostat for digital temperature control. The degree of coldness obtained by means of different refrigerant gas, depending on the models chosen also with low consumption, is adjustable in positive or negative from +1°C to -18°C.

    How does a planetary mixer work?

    The planetary mixer is an essential piece of equipment in pastry making: it is used for whipping, mixing and kneading dry and soft ingredients. Thanks to the planetary mixer, you can obtain uniform, soft and fluffy doughs, which is why it is considered the best food processor on the market today. The term 'planetary' comes from the type of movement the machine makes, similar to that of planets. The movement allows the tool to reach every part of the bowl dedicated to ingredients. The bowl of the planet ary mixer is made of 18/10 steel (AISI 304) and is equipped with three basic, fundamental accessories: the whisk for whipping, the spatula for mixing flour and medium-density compounds, and the hook for mixing heavy compounds.

    What is the blast chiller?

    Professional blast chillers, commonly referred to as blast chillers, are pieces of equipment that allow the temperature of cooked food or food raw materials to be lowered very quickly for later storage in the freezer or refrigerator. This equipment allows both positive blast chilling, during which the core of the freshly cooked food is rapidly brought down to +3°C, and blast freezing (negative blast chilling), a process in which the core of the product reaches -18°C.

    These characteristics make them ideal equipment for the preparation of pastry shops, bakeries, ice-cream parlours, pizzerias, gourmet restaurants and all those activities specialising in the production of sweet or savoury dough, which need to be blast chilled before layering or assembling all the ingredients together.

    Professional bakery equipment

    If you want to set up your new bakery, you will certainly need dough and pizza portioning machines, proving cabinets, bakery or bakery counters, bread racks, electric and gas ovens to store, process, display and serve bread, biscuits and leavened bakery products. At Ristoattrezzature you can choose from dozens of professional bakery equipment at the best prices on the market!

    To enhance thedisplay of bread in your business, we have designed a line dedicated to all those premises linked to the production and trade of bakery products, starting from neutral, warm and refrigerated modern and energy-saving display counters, up to the refrigerated freezer cabinets in which to store dough at low temperatures.

    The ultra-panoramic bread and bakery display coun ters are specifically designed for premises that want to enhance the display of their gastronomic products. These professional bakery equipment, available in various sizes, are composed of modular, customisable modules in Corian and white Plexiglas. The display cabinets, placed above the base, have shelves with holes to collect crumbs and facilitate sanitising the surfaces visible to the public. Bakery counters are a true modern design element for tastefully furnishing a commercial activity, without neglecting the functional aspect of the accessories.

    In the world offurnishings for bakeries and bakery shops, in addition to the use of display counters, it is necessary to consider the purchase of wall shelving for the display of bread, pizza, biscuits and various gastronomic bakery products, with sloping shelves to make the variety of products on offer immediately visible to customers.

    In addition, our complete furnishings for bakeries and bakeries are designed to provide you with all the elements you need to successfully run your new business, without the need for any additional outfitting costs in the future. For example, by purchasing one of our basic complete furnishing kits, you can have, with just one click, a bakery counter with crumb collector, a neutral counter with display case for bread and bakery products, a bakery checkout counter, a 5-shelf size shelf, a bakery back counter with doors, slanted shelves and bread baskets with food storage.

    What is a bread proving cabinet for?

    Thebread proving cabinet has the same features as a bread storage cabinet, but is more practical and economical due to its small size similar to a refrigerator. The injection steam generator inside the cabinet, the uniform distribution of air to every point in the cabinet and the constant humidity and temperature values allow the bakery dough to rise while remaining soft on the outside.

    Main functions of professional proving cabinets

    Professional proving cabinets can be used for many purposes including storing, thawing, drying, but mainly they are designed to manage the proving/leavening process of any leavened product to be baked, through these functions

    • function and management of cooling, heating and holding by setting times and temperature/ventilation characteristics
    • function and management by reading temperature probes: evaporator or suction cell

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