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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Professional Dough Mixers and Planetary Mixers

To choose the best kneading machines for your bakery, pastry shop or pizzeria, you need to consider elements such as motor power, container capacity, speed and production material. Find out everything you need to know about this professional equipment for bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias before you make your purchase!

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    Both thekneading machine and the planetary mixer consist of a horizontal machine body, equipped with a mechanical arm (to which the whips are attached) and a mixing bowl. The planetary mixer can be considered the 'more evolved' version of the kneading machine: while in the kneading machine the whips rotate around their own axis and the bowl remains stationary, in the planetary mixer the movement of the whips and bowl occurs simultaneously, and this means that the machine picks up every portion of the product inside the bowl.

    All Ristoattrezzature professional kneading machines and planetary mix ers have bowls (min. capacity 4.5 lt - max 60 lt) and whips in AISI 304 stainless steel, a material that is extremely resistant to water, water vapour, humidity, food acids and weak organic and inorganic acids; this is why it has numerous applications in the food industry.

    What are the different models of professional mixers and planetary mixers?

    Among the kneading machines and planetary mixers we have selected for you, you can buy in our online shop

    • professional dough mixers with plunging arms
    • professional fork dough mixers
    • professional spiral mixers
    • professional spiral mixers with removable bowl
    • professional spiral mixers with double motor
    • professional planetary mixers

    Dive arm kneaders

    Dive arm kneaders, thanks to their design and two mechanical structures, mimic the movements performed to make a traditional manual dough. The left arm is equipped with a loop back to pick up the dough, the opposite arm (a mixing arm with two steel tips) is designed to roll out the dough. The work consists mainly of extending and cutting, allowing the development of a soft, non-overheated dough.

    Fork dough mixer

    Thanks to its inclined movement in relation to the axis of rotation of the bowl and fork, this machine kneads ingredients without overheating them by incorporating more oxygen into the dough.

    Spiral mixer

    This model is available with either a removable bowl or a fixed head. When the machine is started, the bowl and spiral begin to rotate around their own axis. Thanks to the two combined movements, the ingredients are optimally mixed, whipping up a homogeneous dough in seconds. This kitchen equipment can be used to create pizza, bread and pasta doughs.

    Spiral mixer with removable bowl

    This spiral kneading machine is designed and built for pizza, bread or yeast dough consisting of flour, water, salt, sugar, fat and oil. The tilting head and removable bowl facilitate dough collection, transport to the work station and, above all, the cleaning of accessories.

    Spiral mixer with dual motor

    The spiral mixer consists of a body in which there is a dough tank and an immersed spiral. When the machine is activated, the bowl begins to rotate on itself and simultaneously, the spiral also begins to rotate on its axis. The two rotations impart force to the dough, stretching it and, for this reason, are used more for the production of hard, low-hydration dough such as pizza and bakery products. This machine is equipped with two motors, one for the spiral (also adjustable to different speeds) and one for the bowl.

    Planetary mixer

    The planetary mixer is generally used for whipping, mixing and kneading. The term 'planetary' comes from the type of motion the machine performs, similar to that of planets. The motion, thus designed, allows the tool to reach every point of the bowl, without leaving ingredients on the edges. This type of mixer consists of a bowl and three different accessories:

    • the whisk for whipping
    • the paddle for mixing flour and medium-density compounds
    • the hook for mixing heavy compounds.

    The machine mixes liquid foodstuffs as well as doughs and more solid and consistent ingredients such as eggs, butter and other fats. For this reason it is particularly suitable for the preparation of soft cakes, pastries with puff pastry and croissants.

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