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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded


At Ristoattrezzature you can buy professional salad bars, also with low energy consumption, to prepare your own salads or stuff sandwiches, toast, piadinas in your deli.

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    Saladettes: what they are used for and how they work

    Ristoattrezzature's salad bars are equipment created to meet the needs of sandwich shops, bars, delicatessens, snack bars and all those activities that serve their customers fresh products stuffed at sight. Some of these items are equipped with an 18/10 steel (AISI 304) or marble worktop, specially designed to facilitate ingredient layering operations, and, in addition, with a structure to house the trays containing all the raw materials.

    In our online shop you can also find many different models with a depth of 70 cm, with neutral doors, drawer units, display cabinets with shelves or splashbacks at the most affordable price on the market. And again, for most items you can purchase drawers, slides, grids, lids, GN 1/3 ingredient trays in steel and GN 1/3 ingredient trays in polycarbonate (GN1/3: 325×176 mm, GN1/4: 265×163 mm and GN1/6: 176×162 mm) as options.

    Please note that Ristoattrezzature's worktops have a thickness of 8 tenths; the structure for the legs or fixing brackets, on the other hand, has a thickness of 15 tenths.

    What is a saladette?

    The word saladette comes from the French 'salade' or 'salad'. Already the name of this professional piece of equipment, therefore, indicates its intended use, i.e. to store all the vegetable ingredients needed for the preparation of salads, inside a refrigerated machine. On a structural level, the saladette is very similar to a refrigerated table with the addition, however, of special structures for the distribution of food in steel or polycarbonate trays.

    What is an energy-efficient saladette?

    Electricity consumption is certainly an important item in your monthly expenses, given the supply costs and the pollution that results from its production; and certainly, within a kitchen or food processing laboratory, refrigeration is the basic activity but also the one that consumes the most electricity. For this reason, Ristoattrezzature proposes saladettes that differ from the others commonly on the market in terms of lower consumption and environmental impact.

    The elements that make the difference are 3:

    • R290 gas (propane) with low environmental impact: this type of gas also has the advantage of yielding approximately 10% more than the current ones used.
    • Evaporator and condenser management: defrosting of the evaporator by means of a hot gas circuit, avoiding defrosting by means of a heating element, which would consume more electricity. The system works by using a first hot gas circuit that heats the evaporator and as soon as the water goes outside with a second hot gas circuit it is evaporated. The condenser is flush, a highly innovative breakthrough in professional refrigeration, great advantages for maintenance and cleaning, consistently high efficiency and reduced risk of damage.
    • Electronic control unit: this allows two different sets of parameters to be set, one for the period of the day when staff use the products inside the cabinet and this requires that temperatures are lower than the upper limit temperature and that defrosting is as little as possible to try to compensate for the temperature rises created during opening.

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