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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Refrigerated Drum Display Cases

At Ristoattrezzature you can buy professional equipment to maintain the ideal temperature of ingredients needed to season baked goods served in pizzerias or sandwich shops such as ham, mozzarella, sauces, herbs and more.

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    Ristoattrezzature's professional refrigerated display cabin ets are special refrigerated counters created to meet the needs of pizzerias, sandwich shops, restaurants, snack bars and all those activities that need to serve their customers leavened and filled baked goods such as pizzas, sandwiches, savoury crepes and much more.

    These horizontal cold display cabinets, with static or ventilated cooling, are equipped with a glass shelf and internal and external structure in 18/10 (AISI 304) steel to house the GN 1/3 steel ingredient trays or the GN 1/3 polycarbonate ingredient trays (which can be purchased, as an additional option, from our online shop). Gastronorm trays have standard sizes and can be classified as: GN1/3 - 325×176 mm, GN1/4 - 265×163 mm and GN1/6 - 176×162 mm.

    The temperature of the refrigerated display cabinets (with R134a refrigerant gas) can be adjusted by means of a thermostat starting from +2°C up to a maximum of +8°C; the display cabinets can contain multiple flavour trays, depending on the models selected: should you also wish to purchase the appropriate lids to guarantee better preservation of products and raw materials, on Ristoattrezzature you can select numerous articles and all the complete kits best suited to your needs.

    Why do we use R-134a refrigerant gas in the refrigerated display cabinets for sale on Ristoattrezzature?

    The refrigerant gas R-134a is designed for use in various applications in the refrigeration sector, including supermarket refrigerated display cabinets, cold rooms and domestic refrigerators. R-134a has a similar energy efficiency and cooling capacity to R-12, with the advantage of being non-toxic and non-flammable, making it more suitable, in terms of safety, for use in working environments.

    What is refrigeration?

    Refrigeration is a method of food preservation that involves keeping products at a low temperature, without freezing the water inside the food. To do this, food is kept at a temperature of between 0°C and 10°C. In addition to temperature, the storage environment must also be taken into account, especially humidity: an unsuitable space can lead to unpleasant consequences such as: loss of product characteristics, development of harmful micro-organisms, withering or browning. Keeping appliance spaces perfectly clean will ensure proper air circulation inside the cells or walls, which is essential for the machinery to function properly.

    How to clean the stainless steel of professional pizzeria equipment?

    Although stainless steel is extremely resistant, you should not use abrasive sponges or aggressive detergents to clean professional equipment. White vinegar is a product that is very often used to clean kitchen worktops: mixed with water it is the ideal ingredient to make all stainless steel surfaces shine and remove unpleasant odours left by food residues on trays and display cabinets.

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