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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Stainless Steel Refrigerated Cabinets

The refrigerated cabinets for sale on Ristoattrezzature are professional stainless steel equipment, excellent for the fresh storage of food in bars and restaurants.

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    What are refrigerated cabinets?

    Stainless refrigerated cabin ets are designed to store perishable food, cooked and raw, at refrigeration temperatures above 0°C.

    They reach a maximum temperature of +10°C and a minimum of -2°C, with the optimum temperature for use depending on the season and the contents of the cabinet. They are not suitable for freezing. The capacity varies up to a maximum of 1400 litres for the largest refrigerated cabinets.

    Some characteristics that change from model to model for refrigerated cabinets are:

    • number of doors;
    • blind doors or glass doors, with the possibility of seeing inside without opening the fridge;
    • presence of internal light;
    • variable number of grids to be placed inside;
    • maintenance of operation even at high outside temperatures, up to +43°C (tropicalised refrigerator cabinet);
    • type of defrosting via digital thermostat or at compressor stop, i.e. with the compressor switched off.

    This type of refrigerated cabinet is made of stainless steel, compatible with MOCA regulations regarding contact with foodstuffs.

    Refrigerated cabinets: ventilated or static refrigeration?

    Refrigerated cabinets have two different types of refrigeration:

    • ventilated: cold is radiated through an evaporator that draws in hot outside air via a fan and lowers its temperature, to circulate it inside the refrigerator and obtain dry cold.
    • static: the cold is radiated by a plate placed inside the chamber, producing a cold temperature characterised by higher humidity;

    How the stainless steel refrigeration cabinet works

    Fridge cabinets are activated in the same way as a normal household refrigerator: you set the temperature to the desired level and the refrigerator will start producing cold on its own. When the temperature is reached, the refrigerator cabinet will stop producing cold and maintain the set temperature. Every time the internal temperature rises, it will start cooling again after a certain threshold to lower it.

    What to store in a refrigerated cupboard

    A refrigerated cupboard is designed to store fresh and perishable foodstuffs, such as meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, eggs, sauces and cooked food. They are also useful for chilling drinks, as well as for keeping cakes and confectionery at a cold temperature. They are therefore excellent as refrigerated cabinets for pastries and delicatessens.

    How to clean a refrigerated cabinet

    Cleaning a refrigeration cabinet is similar to cleaning a classic refrigerator: the cabinet is emptied and cleaned with a soft cloth and a non-aggressive detergent.

    Stainless Steel Refrigerated Cabinets on Ristoattrezzature

    Stainless Steel Refrigerated Cabinets are available for sale on our website. All refrigerated cabinets on Ristoattrezzature are CE-marked.