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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Abs Freezer Cabinets

Abs freezer cabinets are suitable for the cool storage of food, both as refrigeration and freezing. They reach a maximum temperature of -22°, which is ideal for freezing raw and cooked food even for long periods.

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    Freezer cabinets are part of the category of kitchen equipment that enables food to be refrigerated, frozen and deep-frozen.

    They are extremely convenient in professional kitchens because they allow different foods, both cooked and raw, to be frozen at preset temperatures ranging from -10°C to -22°C, depending on the needs of the kitchen.

    The capacity is very large, ranging from a minimum of 340 litres to a maximum of over 1200 litres. The latter are freezer cabinets for ice cream parlours with two doors, appreciated precisely for their ability to store large quantities of food at negative temperatures.

    The internal structure of this model of freezer cabinets is made of abs, a material that withstands even very low temperatures, down to -40°. It keeps well over time and requires minimal maintenance.

    How to organise a freezer cabinet

    The storage of frozen food must follow very precise rules in order to respect food freezing times and to favour the preservation of its original organoleptic properties.
    Every food stored, whether cooked or raw, must be classified with a special label that marks both the cooking date and the date on which it was frozen. In this way, one can control how long it has been in the freezer cabinet, because even frozen products can remain in the freezer for a long, but limited, period of time.

    Some other practical tips for storing food in freezer cabinets

    • wait until cooked food has cooled down before placing it in the freezer;
    • place plastic bags and containers close to the walls, as they are colder than the middle;
    • place long-life foodstuffs such as meat and fish in the back, and short-life foodstuffs such as vegetables, pulses and fresh frozen condiments in the front so as not to lose sight of them;
    • periodically defrost the freezer cabinet and clean the inside.

    How to clean a freezer cabinet

    Abs is a very easy material to clean, which is not at risk of being ruined or rusting due to its high resistance. With the freezer empty, you can proceed with cleaning using a cloth and a non-aggressive kitchen detergent. Take care to dry the entire interior before switching the freezer back on.

    Abs freezer cabinets on Ristoattrezzature

    Abs freezer cabinets are available for sale to ice cream parlours and catering businesses, in different models with different capacities for every need.