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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Chest refrigerators

At Ristoattrezzature you can buy professional equipment to maintain the ideal temperature of whatever product you want. Sump fridges are indispensable machines for bars, pubs, ice cream parlours, restaurants, pizzerias and hotels that want to refrigerate or freeze packaged food products, meat and vegetables. Discover all the offers in our online shop!

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    Professional Sump Coolers and Chillers

    All of Ristoattrezzature's professional su mp coolers are made of corrosion-resistant materials of the highest quality, both in the lining of the internal and external structures. These professional equipment for the refrigeration of packaged products such as ice cream and ice lollies, frozen meats and vegetables, available in different sizes, materials and capacities, with or without wheels, are equipped with sliding top doors (also available in a curved version) or blind lids, depending on the intended use.

    The walk-in cooler with sliding doors has a rectangular structure and an integrated refrigeration system in the 4 walls. The refrigerated machine guarantees optimal cold maintenance, limiting energy wastage to a minimum since the opening of the doors only limits the exchange between cold air from the freezer and warm air from the outside to the surface, with reduced internal temperature fluctuations.

    What types of chest coolers can I find on Ristoattrezzature?

    Essentially, the models you find in our online shop can belong to four types:

    • chest freezers
    • chest fridge-freezers - double temperature
    • cockpit refrigerators
    • ice cream display cabinets

    What is the difference between refrigerating and freezing/freezing food?

    Refrigeration, freezing and blast chilling are the main methods used by professional chefs and cooks to preserve food, delay the inevitable spoilage of raw materials and prevent the development of bacteria harmful to humans.

    Refrigeration is a food preservation method that consists of keeping products at a low temperature, without freezing the water inside the food. To do this, food is kept at a temperature of between 0°C and 10°C. In addition to temperature, the storage environment must also be taken into account, especially humidity: an unsuitable environment can lead to unpleasant consequences such as: loss of product characteristics, development of harmful micro-organisms, withering or browning. Keeping appliance spaces perfectly clean will ensure proper air circulation inside the cells or walls, which is essential for the machinery to function properly.

    Freezing is the technique of preserving food by significantly lowering the temperature of the product. It develops through two stages: nucleation, whereby ice crystals are formed, and growth, whereby the crystals become larger and larger. In order to freeze/freeze food, the food must be brought to a temperature of between -18° and -25°C: these numerical values are the ones that guarantee maximum safety in the preservation of all types of food, whether raw or cooked. Furthermore, it is important to know that, on an industrial level, the temperature is only lowered if it can be kept at around -30°/-50°C: this is the case when rapid freezing or deep-freezing of food occurs, by definition.

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