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Blast chillers

Discover our selection of professional blast chillers, indispensable equipment for quickly cooling food, dough or freshly cooked fillings, and for freezing unprocessed food in a very short time.

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    Professional Blast Chillers

    Ristoattrezzature's professional blast chillers, also called blast chillers, are catering equipment that allow the temperature of cooked food, food raw materials, and creams to be lowered very quickly for subsequent storage in the freezer or refrigerator. These articles allow both positive blast chilling, during which the core temperature of the food is brought down to +3°C, and blast freezing (negative blast chilling), a process in which the product reaches -18°C.

    These characteristics make blast chillers for foodstuffs and bottles ideal equipment for guaranteeing the daily production of bars, pubs, ice-cream parlours and all those activities specialised in processing sweet or savoury dough, which must be layered or assembled before being sold or delivered to the customer.

    Professional blast chillers, their importance

    In general, all food that cannot be served immediately, once cooked, tends to rapidly lose its flavour, nutritional and organoleptic characteristics; moreover, hot food (+70/+10°C) is rapidly attacked by bacteria and tends to deteriorate after a few hours. Only rapid chilling of food maintains its properties, protecting it from the aggression of external corrosive substances.Blast chilling to a temperature of +3°C preserves the freshness, taste and nutritional properties of food much longer.

    What does blast chilling mean and who should use a professional blast chiller?

    Refrigeration, freezing and blast chilling are the main methods used by professional chefs and cooks to preserve food, delay the inevitable spoilage of raw materials and prevent the development of bacteria harmful to humans.

    Blast chilling is a specific procedure performed using a blast chiller, also known as a professional blast chiller, which allows food to cool down in a short time: in about 90 minutes, the internal temperature of the food drops to around 3°C, ideal for proper preservation. The rapidly induced cold acts with a bacteriostatic capacity, preventing germs from proliferating. The product can also be frozen in order to keep the organoleptic properties of the food intact.

    This preservation technique serves to

    • Lower the temperature of cooked food before subjecting it to freezing;
    • Reduce the temperature of raw food to avoid health risks;
    • Minimise the possibility of bacterial contamination of the product;
    • Preserve the properties that the food possesses, preventing them from being lost with the passage of hours or days;
    • Avoid the easy and quick spoilage of food, and the consequent waste of money and food.

    Professional blast chiller, its use

    A blast chiller is therefore an indispensable tool in every professional kitchen and, more generally, in every activity in the food sector. More specifically, the blast chiller is used

    • in delicatessens and professional kitchens of bars, pastry shops, pizzerias, bakeries and gourmet restaurants to preserve raw materials or cool freshly cooked dough;
    • in sushi bars or fish restaurants, particularly to preserve the wholesomeness of fish to be eaten raw, preserving its flavour and organoleptic characteristics
    • in ice cream parlours, to obtain ice cream of superior quality and easy preservation.

    Killing raw fish: why is it essential for health?

    Raw fish, in the form of sushi and sashimi, has become an important part of Italians' eating habits in recent years. Theslaughtering of raw fish is a necessary procedure to eradicate those pathogenic microorganisms, normally present in fish, that pose a potentially deadly danger to those who consume it. Circular No. 10 of 1992 of the Ministry of Health states that, in order to eliminate any potential danger from the food served to their customers, all catering activities that serve raw fish to their customers must keep the fish at a temperature below -20°C, for at least 24 continuous hours.

    To reach such low temperatures quickly requires specific equipment, i.e. blast chillers, not a refrigerator or an ordinary cold room, but a professional product for blast chilling food. But beware! In addition to the dreaded anisakis, raw fish stored incorrectly and not blast chilled may also contain other parasites such as listeria, escherichia coli, salmonella, hepatitis A, and even the cholera vibrio.

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