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Spedizione gratuita in Italia Free shipping in Italy for orders over 199 € + VAT. Sicily and Sardinia included. Minor Islands excluded

Ice cream cabinets

At Ristoattrezzature you can buy professional ice cream cabinets to display in trays and maintain the ideal temperature of artisan ice creams, sorbets, cream and cold creams. Refrigerated ice cream coun ters are indispensable machines for bars, cafeterias, summer kiosks, beach activities, resorts and hotels.

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    Within Ristoattrezzature's ice cream parlour category, you can find: static ice cream parlour counters, ventilated ice cream parlour counters, ice cream parlour display cabinets, ice cream parlour counters with carapins and tubs, and ice cream chest freezers.

    What is the difference between ice cream counters with static refrigeration and counters with ventilated refrigeration?

    Ice cream counters on the market can generally have either static cooling or ventilated cooling. Let us see together what these are:

    • In the static (or ducted) system, the cold air emitted by the cold generator descends downwards and effectively prevents the formation of frost, which benefits the preservation of the ice cream, which thus preserves more freshness. A refrigerator compartment with a static cooling system, therefore, ensures an ideal humidity level for storing fresh ingredients.
    • In the ventilated system, thanks to the presence of a fan, the cold air is dispersed uniformly and with it the humidity necessary for the preservation of the frothiest artisan products; therefore, a refrigerated counter with a ventilated cooling system offers both the characteristics of a static one and, in addition, facilitates the restoration of the internal temperature following the opening of the sliding doors of the machinery. These ice cream cabinets are ideal, for example, for storing mountain ice cream.

    The ice-cream display cabinets that Ristoattrezzature has selected for you are real special refrigerated display cabinets equipped with internal lighting, created to meet the needs of ice-cream parlours, bars, bathing establishments, resorts and all those activities that need to display, enhance and serve to their customers, artisanal products such as ice-creams, granitas, cold creams, sweet crepes, waffles and much more. Furthermore, they guarantee the use of the upper top as a support surface for structures containing ice cream cones, brioches to be filled, spoons, cups, napkins and other tools necessary to optimise service to consumers.

    The ice cream cabinets with tubs or carapins, available in different sizes and aesthetic finishes (modern or vintage), are equipped with special compartments designed to hold containers containing the different flavours of ice cream (depending on the model, it is possible to choose different capacities for up to 18 flavours to be displayed in a double row) and an internal structure in 18/10 stainless steel (AISI 304). The external structure of some counters can be covered in white or black Corian, an extremely resistant and design material, emphasised by the standard LED lighting.

    As an additional option, it is possible to purchase two types of ice cream tubs to be inserted inside the refrigerated counters:

    • 18/10 stainless steel tray
    • food-grade plastic tray

    Finally, we also offer you the best chest freezers for ice cream parlours, ideal for keeping packaged stick ice creams, granitas, cups, sorbets and popsicles (and any other large-scale retail product) at the right temperature. All these models, really compact in their external dimensions but really capacious, represent an additional solution to artisan ice-cream counters, and will allow you to guarantee your customers a wide choice for young and old.

    Refrigerated counters, why is Corian used?

    Corian is an advanced composite material consisting of aluminium tri-hydrate and resin enriched with coloured pigments. It is solid and resistant to heat and impact, yet extremely ductile: it can be carved, milled or machined like wood.

    Here are its main characteristics:

    • Absorbent: it does not absorb, and can therefore be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, a sponge and a mild detergent
    • Eco-friendly and hygienic: it is a non-porous material. It is compact throughout its thickness and can be installed with imperceptible joints that make the surface absolutely hygienic. Corian is therefore suitable for use in the kitchen and for contact with foodstuffs
    • Restored: surfaces can be renewed and restored to their original appearance with a mild abrasive cleaner and an abrasive sponge
    • Non-toxic: it is an inert, non-toxic material. Exposed to normal temperatures, it does not release gases
    • Imperceptible joints: invisible bonding and continuous surfaces with imperceptible joints result in virtually endless design possibilities. Particularly long or corner counters, for example, can be manufactured in one piece
    • Thermoformable: has the possibility of being manufactured with curved surfaces